MCB 1P 20A 4.5kA (SH201L-C20)

MCB 1P 20A 4.5kA (SH201L-C20)

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MCB 1P 20A 4.5kA (SH201L-C20)

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Miniature Circuit Breaker - SH200L - 1P - C - 20 ampere

Compact Home SH200L miniature circuit breakers are current limiting. They have two different tripping mechanisms, the delayed thermal tripping mechanism for overload protection and the electromechanic tripping mechanism for short circuit protection. They are available in different characteristics (B,C), configurations (1P,1P+N,2P,3P,3P+N,4P), breaking capacities (up to 4,5 kA at 230/400 V AC) and rated currents (up to 40 A). All MCBs of the product range SH200L comply with IEC/EN 60898-1, allowing the use for residential applications.


Số cực 1P
Dòng điện định mức 20A
Dòng cắt ngắn mạch 4.5kA
Phụ kiện đi kèm Không
Quy cách đóng gói Hộp giấy

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